Three Fish Brothers in Shallow Water

Three fish lived in the sea. When they were young, their parents died. They had to look after each other. Finally, they grew up and to swim deeper and further.
One morning, the three fish were taken to shallow water by a big wave. A small boat was taken there, too. It was hard for the fish to go back to the sea because the boat was right in the front of them. The largest fish realized that they were in danger, and said they had to find a way to leave there as fast as possible. The second largest fish agreed with his elder brother, but the youngest one did not. He said that there was much water for their activities, so he would not at all and still swam around happily.
At last, the largest fish returned to the sea by jumping over the lowest part of the boat. The second largest fish also succeeded in joining his elder brother in the other side of water. But the youngest one didn’t follow them and still swam joyfully.
Two hours later, when the sun rose up, the water in the small shallow corner dried up. The fish who did not try to return to the sea died of lack of water.