Growing Flowers in Your Heart

An aged man lived in a nice cottage with a large garden in a town in England. He is seen busy looking after his flowers all the time.
One day, a young painter went by this garden. He was deeply attracted by the beautiful flowers, imaging how happy he could be if he lived there. Then, suddenly he found the old gardener was blind.
The painter was very surprised to ask, “why are you busy tending these flowers which you can’t see? “
The blind gardener smiled, answering, “I can tell you four reasons. First, I was a gardener when I was young, and I really like this job. Second, although I can’t see these flowers, yet I can touch them. Third, I can smell the sweetness of them. As to the last one, that’s you. “
“Me? But you don’t know me. ” responded the painter.
“Yeah, it’s true that I don’t know you. But I know flowers are earthly angles which everyone knows and would never turn them down. I know many people who show enthusiasm in life would stop by and the beauty of my garden will get them into a good mood. In the meantime, it also extends a chance to me to have a word with you here and to enjoy the happiness these flowers have brought us. “
I believe every flower has eyes with which they can see the kindness of the old man’s heart and the sweetness of his soul. He grows flowers in his heart. I supposed although failing the sight of the beauty of blossoming, he surely can hear the voice of it.

“是的,我当然不认识你,但我知道花是人间仙子,所有人都认识花,都不会拒绝它们。我知道现在有很多人对生活没有热情,他们可以到我这个花园里获得好心情(我知道不少像你这样热爱生活的在人在此经过,都会因为 看到我花园的美丽而驻步,从而心情愉快)。与此同时,它还给了我和你对话的机会,和享受它带给我们的幸福。