On Friendship

Everyone needs friendship. No one can sail the ocean of life single handed. We need help from, and also give help to, others. In the modern age, people attach more importance to relations and connections. A man of charisma has many friends. His power lies in his ability to give.
The term, friend, covers a wide range of meanings. It can be a nodding acquaintance, a comrade, a confident, a partner, a playmate, a brother, an intimate.
As life is full of conflict, we need friends to support and help us out of difficulties. Our friends give us warnings against danger. True friends share not only joy but, more often than not, the share sorrow
With friendship, life is happy and harmonious. Without friendship, life is unfortunate. I have friends in the rank and file. Some are rich and in power. Some are low and common. Some are like myself, content with the simple life we have. To many of my friends, I know what to treasure, what to tolerate and what to share. I will never forget my old friends and keep making new friends. I will not be cold and indifferent to the poor friends and will show concern for them, even if it is only a comforting word.